25 Neighbor Gift Ideas for Christmas!!!


December 4, 2012 by Jen Budge

Here are 25 of my favorite Neighbor Gift Ideas I’m using this Christmas.  I either came up with the ideas on my own or got the ideas from Pinterest.  I printed out all the sayings on my computer and then made all of the tags with my Kiwi Lane Designer Templates which made the process so simple to do.  Hope you get some inspiration for this year or feel free to PIN THIS at the bottom of this Post to your Pinterest Board. ENJOY!!!  And Merry Christmas!!!!

Perfect if you forgot to deliver homemade cookies to someone and don’t want to bake again or if you just don’t like baking at all but still want to give a treat away.
Homemade Cookies Would be so Fine, but these are So Much Better than Mine!  
Tags 7
Tiny Holiday 1T
We all know there are a lot of what some may say “Health Nuts” out there.  Well here’s a perfect healthy treat to give.
If we could choose our friends, & we searched the whole world through, We’d go “BANANAS” trying to find a better bunch than you!
Tiny Holiday 1T & 7T
Have a friend or neighbor who’s home is sometimes just as crazy as yours?  Well what a better treat to give to them.
From Our Crazy Circus to Yours Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.
Christmas 4
Accents 4
Who doesn’t love M&M’s?  For a treat everyone will actually eat this could be just what you’re looking for.
Here’s to a Memorable & Merry Holiday Season!!!
Tiny Tags 2T

These muffins are inexpensive and a great treat to give to any family.
You’re Getting “Muffin” for Christmas!
Tags: 5
Adorn: 3A
LOVE THIS ONE! Both items something pretty much every family will actually be able to use along with a fun Christmas Greeting.
“Have a Rootin’ Tootin’ Christmas!”
Celebrate: 8
Tiny Holiday: 3T
You could either give your neighbors a box of popcorn or just one bag.  It’s up to you but this makes for a fun inexpensive
neighbor gift.
We just “POPPED” over to wish you a Merry Christmas!
Tags: 5
Adventure: 4
A Bit of “DISPOSABLE” Christmas Cheer!  What could be better?
No Dishes, My Dear!
Tags: 4
Celebrate: 6   (tip: use the cone flipped for a Christmas tree)
Ha Ha Ha!!!  It’s totally true.  The holidays can sometimes be pretty stressful with everything to do before Santa arrives so here’s a funny saying to add to any un-made treat.  It’s really nice b/c the recipient can make it whenever they’d like.
Christmas is Jolly, Christmas is Sweet, I’m Stressed out so….
Make your own Darn Treat!!!
Tags: 6
Tiny Bracket: 4T
This is great saying to include with a package of Twizzlers for a Neighbor Gift
“Twiz” the night before Christmas, and all through the house, they were munching on “Twizzlers” with very happy mouths!
Christmas: 4
Adorn: 3A
We’re “POPPING” by with a Holiday Hi
Tags: 2
Tiny Tags: 7T
Grab your favorite 2 liters of Soda (in my case Mug Rootbeer) and attach this saying for an easy gift to hand out.
SODA-LIGHTED You’re Our Neighbors Merry Christmas!!!
Tiny Holiday: 8T
What kids don’t love Goldfish?  This is an excellent Neighbor Gift to share with someone who has kids.
We FISH you a Merry Christmas
Tags: 5
Tiny Holiday: 8T


O.K. so not necessarily the cheapest option out there for Christmas but if you’re a couponer you might just be able to stock up cereal for fairly cheap.
We “Cerealsy” love you guys!  Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
Tiny Tags: 3T
I always find this note pads after Christmas marked down so cheap I always seem to buy a bunch to put with each gift I give for Christmas.  However with this little saying I can use them for neighbor gifts this year.  FUN FUN
Merry Christmas form our “PAD” to yours!
Tags: 3
Another Paper Product Saying…. I really love these.
Neighbor Our Christmas Wish to You… LESS DISHES to do!!!
Christmas: 4
Rings: 2 (outside of ring)
Tiny Shapes: 6T
FUN Holiday saying to attach to Twizzlers!!!
“Twiz” the Season to be Jolly!!!
Tiny Holiday: 6T
Wanting to do something other than treats?  How about hand soap?  Everyone could use some soap.  Here’s a fun little saying to attach to any type of soap.  Whether is be hand soap like this or a bar of soap.
Wishing you a Holiday Season Full of Peace, Joy, & SOAP!
Tags: 5
Adorn: 3A
Tiny Strip: 1″

Great saying to pair with a brownie mix, cake mix, or muffin mix for a holiday neighbor gift.
Whip up this Mix for a wonderful Holiday Fix!
Tags: 5
Tiny Strip Set: 2″
Tiny Holiday: 3T
If you have a neighbor that it seems like they are always there for you and your family this will make a perfect little gift for them anytime of the year!!!
Thanks Neighbor for always being a lifesaver! 
Tiny Tags: 7T ( I actually extended the length of this tag to be able to fit my saying)
Pairing with any type of Hershey’s Kisses this is always a hit with the neighbors because let’s face it, who doesn’t like Hershey’s Kisses?
Merry Kissmas!!!
Christmas: 1
Tiny Shapes: 3T
So around the holiday you sometimes get overwhelmed with the amount of treats you getting trying to eat them all before they go bad.  Well here’s an option of giving frozen cookie dough to your neighbors that way they can make your treat anytime they’d like.  The best part about it?  The get warm cookies!!!!
Who couldn’t use a little extra DOUGH this time of year?
Celebrate: 6 (for my Christmas Trees)  I cropped the bottom of one off to make it a smaller tree.
Who knew they made Christmas PEEPS?  Well they do!  Here’s a Christmas saying to include with some PEEPS!
Listen up PEEPS!  Hope this little treat is the start to a Very Merry Christmas!!!
Tags: 7
Tiny Holiday 3T
Have a Holly “JOLLY” Christmas!
Tiny Tags: 5T
Tip: used my shaped scissors when cutting out the tag to give it a different look.
Popping By to tell you Merry Christmas!  It totally ROCKS being your neighbors!!!
Tags: 2
Tiny Shapes: 8T

7 thoughts on “25 Neighbor Gift Ideas for Christmas!!!

  1. You are amazing!!! Thanks for the great ideas!!

  2. Gaylene Hedquist says:

    So cute!

  3. Kristy MacKeen says:

    I love all your sentiments! SO clever.

  4. love love love! holy cow, you made a ton of them! way to go!!!!

  5. Becky Church says:

    SUPER cute!!!

  6. Lisa Morgan says:

    You are amazing!
    I’d use one of these, but all my neighbors would know it came from you! 🙂

  7. Joyce Hill says:

    Very cleaver and doesn’st cost much. I love it. Thanks. December 8th 2012

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