Ideas To Inspire w/ Kiwi Lane & Downtown Tape


July 31, 2013 by Jen Budge


I know it may be hard for some of you to believe this but I have never owned nor worked with Washi Tape before.  So when I was told this month we were going to be working with Downtown Tape I had my first chance to play with it.  I was a little nervous but was anxious to get started.  I must admit, I was super excited just to see the cute rolls with the different patterns and colors. SO FUN!!!!


I decided to use my Downtown Tape for wrapping gifts and accessorizing the gift tags I made with my KLD Templates.  I loved how the Washi tape added SO MUCH to my plain wrapping paper.  I think I might just buy plain colored wrapping paper from now on and use my different color/themed Washi Tape to dress up my packages depending on the occasion.


So for these gifts I grabbed 3 of my Downtown Tape rolls of Washi.  A Red, Gray, & Black. I then grabbed my scrap box which I keep all of my scraps from finished layouts to use on cards and in this case Tags.  There are so many different ways to dress up gifts using Washi Tape.  I had so much fun experimenting and it took no time at all.  I loved that if I didn’t like the way it looked I could just pull it up and try again!!! Look below in the slideshow to see which KLD Templates I used to create the Tags attached to each gift and to see how I used my Washi from Downtown Tape on my Tags to dress them up a bit.


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For these gifts I grabbed another 3 of my Washi Tapes from Downtown Tape and again my paper scrap box to find some old pieces of paper that would match my Washi!!!  Check out the below slideshow to see which templates I used to make these adorable tags attached to my gifts and to see how I used my Washi to dress up the tags.


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I had so much fun with the Washi Tape sent by Downtown Tape.  I know I’ll be buying much more in the near future.  My mind just keeps thinking of fun new ways I can use it  I will for sure be dressing up many of my gifts that’s for sure.  Hope this post gave you some inspiration and you’re able to try it out the next time you’re wrapping a gift.

Details on a few of my favorites

Kiwi Lane Designs Templates Used: Tags 1, Tiny Brackets 3T, & Tiny Accents 4T

— I put 4 pieces of Washi Tape from top to bottom on the side of this gift and then placed my tag on the opposite side.

—I used my Gray Washi Tape on the left hand side of this tag by cutting small pieces and then folding them in half.  I then layed them on the back of the tag sticking off the side and used another piece of Washi tape to hold them all in place.

Kiwi Lane Designs Templates Used: Tags 3, Tiny Tags 2T, & Tiny Accents 2T

—I placed my Washi slanted on my gift.  I like the look that this gave.

—For the center of this Flower I used my Washi Tape by folding long strips in half.  I then used a glue dot and placed it in the center of my flower and wrapped the pieces to form this circular center to my flower.  I used two different colors and really like how it turned out.

Kiwi Lane Designs Templates Used: Tags 7, Adorn 2B, Tiny Wacky 1T, & Tiny Accents 4T

— I decided to try a criss-cross look with my Downtown Tape on this gift just to see how it looked.  I like it.  What do you think?

—I used my Black Washi tape in the Center of my Accessory by kind of trying to fold it together in a circular motion.  It’s sort of hard to describe. But hopefully by looking at it you can figure out how to do it yourself.

Kiwi Lane Designs Templates Used: Tags 5, Adorn 1A, Tiny Shapes 3T, & Tiny Accents 6T

—On this gift I used my Washi Tape on the outside edges of my package.  Leaving the center plain where my Tag really was able to pop yet allowed a little something something to the gift itself.

—Folded slowly along my adorn 1A piece I placed my Washi tape down and then folded it and then placed a little more down and then folded again, and kept doing this until I was done.  It was a process but I REALLY LIKE HOW THIS TURNED OUT IN THE END.

5 thoughts on “Ideas To Inspire w/ Kiwi Lane & Downtown Tape

  1. Serena Arroyo says:

    I have to admit, I have never owned or used washi tape either. Between all the great posts this month on the Kiwi Lane blog and yours here, I have definitely been inspired to give it a try. Thanks for the creative inspiration!!

  2. Joyce Garland says:

    Love the ways you’ve added flair with Washi Tape! Thanks for the great ideas!

  3. Great ideas…. You really thought out side of the box with these adorable tags. Thanks for inspiring me to use my stash of Washi Tape in other ways.

  4. So cute Jen I love it!!

  5. Karen says:

    I never thought to use it to accent a wrapped gift. What a great idea.

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