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October 4, 2013 by Jen Budge

Hello & Welcome to My Blog!!!

I hope that after you’re done Blog Hopping that you come back and view some of my work I have Created! 🙂



Here’s how the BLOG HOP WORKS!!!

Simply leave a comment on each blog posting you visit, including this one! This needs to happen by Sunday night at 11:59 MST in order to be eligible to win.

One lucky random commenter from one of the 9 blogs will be given a $25.00 Gift Certificate to the Kiwi Lane SHOP and will be announced on the Kiwi Lane Blog on Thursday October 10th, 2013.

***I have an additional giveaway below on my blog and I’m sure a couple of the other participants of this Blog Hop have giveaways on their blogs as well so make sure to check everyone out!!!

October Kiwi Lane Designs Blog Hop Line Up:

1. Kiwi Lane Designs

2. C’est La-Vie Designs Unltd., LLC

3. Lynn’s Everyday Ideas

4. Things That I Create  <—— YOU ARE HERE NOW!!!


6. Crafting Moments

7. Joanie’s Paper Escape

8. Scrapbooking Wannabe

9. GLOworm Designs


National Card Making Day is tomorrow, Saturday October 5th and so because of this I decided to make some cards for my post today!!!  I’m in the middle of moving and so things are super crazy in my house. (I’m sure you all can relate to what I’m going thru, Everyone’s moved at least once, right?)  The BEST thing about Kiwi Lane Templates is that I can whip out cards so QUICK!!!  I grab my leftover paper from previous layouts that I didn’t need, my templates, scissors, paper trimmer, & Pencil and that’s all I need!!!  You will see from the cards that I’ve made I only used a couple very small accessories and used Stickles to add a little extra to my cards.  (Again, with moving all of my things are packed up so I didn’t have much to work with) I’m so happy with the way they turned out and hope you enjoy them as well or if nothing else they give you inspiration for a creation of your own.


Below are the closeups of the before and after of each card along with the templates I used to create them. ENJOY LOOKING!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kiwi Lane Templates Used:

Sentiments: 3A  –  Thoughtful: 3B  –  1/2″ Tiny Strip

Tiny Floral: 1T  –  Tiny Accents: 1T  –  Tiny Nature: 1T


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kiwi Lane Templates Used:

Sentiments: 3B & 2A  –  Adorn: 2A

Tiny Holiday: 4T & 5T


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kiwi Lane Templates Used:

Thoughtful: 3A & 2B  –  1″ Tiny Strip

Tiny Floral: 1T  –  Tiny Shapes: 3T


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kiwi Lane Templates Used:

Sentiments: 1B & 3A  – 1″ Tiny Strip

Tiny Accents: 1T (2) –  Tiny Bracket: 1T


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kiwi Lane Templates Used:

Adorn: 3A & 3B  –  Celebrate: 4


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kiwi Lane Templates Used:

Thoughtful: 3A  –  Celebrate 1 & 2


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kiwi Lane Templates Used:

Adorn: 2A & 2B  –  Tiny Accents: 2T


Things That I Create



Would you like to win these 4 Greeting Cards?  If so just make sure to add in your comment on this post that you LOVE GREETING CARDS!!!  That’s it, just mention that you love Cards and you could win them.  Good Luck to you All. 

Random Winner will be announced Friday October 11th. 

So make sure to comment by the Midnight MST on October 10th. 


If you haven’t seen my other giveaway going on right now make sure to click on my Halloween Ideas To Inspire to find out the details on how you could win a Free Kiwi Lane Halloween Accessory Set.


As always make sure you have subscribed to my Blog and to my Things that I Create Facebook Page to stay up to date on all the Things That I Create and all of my giveaways!!!

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44 thoughts on “October Blog Hop

  1. pam says:

    I’m not a huge fan of making cards (what, give away my best work? I don’t THINK so!), but I love the color combination on this one.

  2. Vikisha says:

    Your cards are awesome thanks for showing how the templates layer and the end result. GREAT WORK!!!

  3. Mary Kay says:

    I love greeting cards and these are just adorable! I love the way the templates move away to show the finished products. That truly inspires me to get going on my own!

  4. Lyne B says:

    Such wonderful cards – so happy to be in the hop with you

  5. Christina S. says:

    I LOVE GREETING CARDS!! And yours, in particular 🙂 You always have the most amazing cards!!! I print off all of them for my inspiration (ok, copy) file!

  6. Sue D says:

    Very cute and colorful cards–I LOVE GREETING CARDS!

  7. Jen you never cease to AMAZE with your beautiful creations. I won a set of your cards before and I love them so much I’m having a hard time giving them away. I will def. be “lifting” some of your designs for the Card making day event. Great Job.
    Happy Scrappin’ Carrie

  8. Cindy says:

    I love greeting cards! Hope I win yours!

  9. Roseanna Crawford says:

    Love all the cards, as always you’ve done a wonderful job with the templates
    Thanks for the ideas. I would love to get some greeting card!!

  10. Elisa says:

    I LOVE GREETING CARDS! I like the way you show the “before” and “after.” Thanks for the ideas.

  11. Rhonda Miller says:

    I love Greeting Cards and yours are so pretty. I love how you put the templates together.

  12. Deborah Johnson says:

    Thanks for sharing how you used the templates on the cards prior to completing them – helps to visualize how to use them!

  13. Janice Aeschliman says:

    Love greeting cards and love seeing the templates used in your creation. Thank you!

  14. Janis in ID says:

    Your cards are wonderful!! Love getting inspiration from them, but I prefer to make my own to give away……using your wonderful ideas. 🙂

    Good luck in your move. Hope you are not leaving our wonderful state of Idaho!! We don’t have very many people here, as it is, and can’t spare any moving away. Love how KLD templates made card-making so easy, even in the middle of your move.
    ❤ J

  15. Your cards are so adorable. The colors and paper patterns are so cute and pretty. Wonderful job.

  16. Anne says:

    Thanks for the before and after pics – it helps to see how the templates are used

  17. Loved your cards and the paper you used for them.

  18. Kristina M says:

    Cute cards!!! I love that little ghost. So cute.

  19. Randy Rimington says:

    I enjoyed how you showed the card and then how you layered the templates. Thanks for sharing

  20. Cheryl killough says:

    You do such great work. You girls rock

  21. julie e says:

    Love your color choices!

  22. Lori A. Geise says:

    Boy, I keep saying I don’t make cards, just scrapbook layouts, but I’m seriously considering giving card making a chance. Your Blog has LOTS of stuff to explore and I’ll be back for your give-a-way as soon as i’m done with the hop.

  23. Rachael Brown says:

    Wonderful cards!!! I may have to scrap lift one!

  24. Great cards! Thanks for sharing your work!

  25. JudithR says:

    I really like your use of colour, well done

  26. angelbug56 says:

    These cards are fabulous. Love the colors and the use of templates.

  27. Sheri p says:

    I love greeting cards, and I LOVE these greeting cards!! So fun, I especially love the pinwheel design on the one!

  28. La-Vie B. says:

    Great projects! I love how you set up your blog with the alternating pics.

    La-Vie B.

  29. Jennifer Key says:

    I LOVE the Greeting Cards. I love the added use of stickles to the Kiwi Lane accessories.

  30. Michelle N. says:

    Fabulous cards! Thanks for sharing so many!

  31. Pam Wesson says:

    I loved the cards. They are cute but not too fussy and over done. You did a great job!

  32. Barb in AK says:

    Jennifer, you are one PROLIFIC card maker! Those are so adorable, and love the flashing designs/results. Very inspirational 🙂

  33. Teresa Melling says:

    Your cards are amazing. I love the color choices you made and the template layouts. Thanks for all the inspiration. Plus LOVE GREETING CARDS!

  34. Natalie S says:

    I love greeting cards! I am tickled to see how you jazzed them all up with glitter! I love glitter!

  35. Meka Matthews says:

    I loved all your cards so beautiful and I love your blog format as well very nice and professional great work.

  36. Heather Gray says:

    Your cards are amazing! Love that little ghost!

  37. Helen Lebrett says:

    I make WAY more cards than layouts, so this was fun to see. I love that you showed your layout first with the templates. In fact, the card templates are the next thing on my wish list!!

  38. I LOVE GREETING CARDS! I love the ones you made with the templates, great selection!

  39. Mary says:

    Great cards, and a fun way to display the cards with a little slideshow.

  40. Paula S says:

    You have really fun cards! Awesome color combos and fun Kiwi Lane ideas! I LOVE how you show the card and the templates you used! Thanks!

  41. I LOVE GREETING CARDS!!! They are quicker to make and tell the person that receives them that you care enough to invest your own time in them. Your cards are adorable!

  42. Jenna Hipps says:

    These cards are sooo fun! I love the Birthday cards. I may have to case a few lol:)

  43. Debbie says:

    I love your cards! Thanks for including the pictures of the templates.

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