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Hi, I’m Jennifer Budge.  I was born and raised in Las Vegas, NV. but now currently live in Boise, ID.  I’m just about ready to turn the BIG 3-0 here in December and feeling a little unsure about that.  When did I grow up so fast?  Anyway, I am married to my best friend Aaron and together we have one child Noah who is 3 years old.  They say Terrible Two’s but two was nothing compared to these Crazy Threes!!!

I began scrapbooking when I began dating my husband.  My first scrapbook is all of our photos I took while we were dating. I used to think that first scrapbook I made was AMAZING but now look back at it wondering what I was doing!  However I still enjoy it b/c that’s how I started and I’ll always leave it the way I created it.  

See I married into a Very Crafty Family.  My husbands Mom (Debbie), Sister (Shiloh), & our Sister-In law (Susan) are the women who created Kiwi Lane Designs www.KiwiLane.com. In Fact while I was in the Hospital waiting to give birth to my son Susan & Debbie were both in my hospital room brainstorming and using the first Designer Template Sets before they were available to purchase.  I have had the pleasure of watching the company grow to what it is today and being able to learn and grow myself by watching my wonderful in-laws.  I can honestly say, that from the moment I received all my D.T. Sets there is not one layout I have created that I have not used my D.T. Sets!!!

I work part time at Kiwi Lane Designs and am constantly learning new techniques and styles.  This is a place for me to show you all the Things That I Create.  I hope that you join in and share ideas/projects/crafts with me as well.  After all that’s the best thing about what we do.  We can look at things and get ideas and re-create them in our own ways.  Pinterest for example has been a Huge inspiration for me along with Kiwi Lane Designs D.T. Sets which like I said before you will see in almost all my posts.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Dori Shervanick says:

    Nice Jen. Just read this today for the first time.

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A Little About Me…

I'm not afraid to say that I'm constantly learning new techniques and styles from others. This is a place for me to show you all the Things That I Create. After all crafting is all about getting new ideas and trying them out. ENJOY!!!