A FUN thing to do for friends & family this Easter (Have You Been Egged Yet?)


April 14, 2014 by Jen Budge

Sharing our families Excitement for Easter with Others

Hi, and welcome to Things That I Create. My son who is 4 is super excited for Easter this year.  He also is growing up so fast and so I decided to look up some fun things to do for Easter this year.  One of the ideas I found on Pinterest and decided to put a Kiwi touch to it.  It was an activity that would be fun for our family but also something we could share with a lot of other families nearby us!

You Have Been EGGED!

So if you have kids, or know someone who does, this would be a great thing to start for an Easter tradition.  Simply pick up an inexpensive Easter Basket, grass for inside, & 12 Easter eggs (oh and some yummy treats to fill them with).  Then make a sign like I did below.  Your sign can be more plain or dressed up, whatever you decide.  I used my Designer Templates and the My Minds Eye, Now and Then, Dorothy Collection Paper.  I love the colors of  the Dorothy Collection.  They actually work perfect for Easter Layouts, Crafts, & Cards although you could use them for so much more.  The paper along with using my KLD templates I used turned out perfect for what I was going for.  Something for Kids to enjoy!!!  Below I will show you how I made my sign and instructions for how EGGING works.     you've been egged photo

How to make the sign like I did

The sign didn’t take long to put together.  I just pulled out my designer templates and got to work.  Here’s what I did below.

Egged Closeup

Here’s how it turned out when I was all done!


Wondering how to Egg Someone?

On the back of my YOU HAVE BEEN EGGED sign, I included directions which I printed out on my computer.  I made up my directions, but you could change them to be whatever you’d like.  I’ll let you read below what I said.

you've been egged instructions

Hiding the Eggs & Leaving the Basket

So I’m sure you can figure out the rest for yourself, but remember, think about the ages of children that live at the house you are EGGING.  If they only have little ones make sure you are hiding the eggs where the kids will be able to find them.  However, if they have older kids (like the family we EGGED) we let our 4-year-old son hide some that the younger kids would definitely find and then my husband and I hid some even the older kids would have a hard time finding.

Last, set the basket at their front door along with the sign. Ring the door bell and get out of there.  We started doing this with a family we know from church in our neighborhood.  We are hoping it gets to as many families as possible before Easter.  After the experience we had doing this together as a family,  I know we will be doing this year after year. Easter Egging

Hope you enjoyed this post.  We had such a fun time egging our neighbors.   -Jen


2 thoughts on “A FUN thing to do for friends & family this Easter (Have You Been Egged Yet?)

  1. Debbie Gibson says:

    Great idea – love it!

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