Quick Halloween Treat Bags


October 30, 2014 by Jen Budge

School Halloween Party

My Son Noah is having a Halloween Party tomorrow in his Kindergarten Class so of course I had to make something fun for the kids and not just bring in cookies.

gift bags

Name Tags

Used the Pumpkin and Ghost from my Kiwi Lane Designs Tiny Holiday Designer Template Set to make little name tags as I knew my son would have fun handing them out to each individual child.  Plus I put in items geared more towards boys/girls so wanted to make sure each child got the right goodies.

gift bags 3


In order to make these Treat Bags Quick I folded up 12×12 sheets of paper and traced the Tiny Holiday 4T Pumpkin on one side.tracing pumpkintracing pumpkin


When it was time to cut I took my pair of scissors (Mind you, my scissors today were just a cheap pair scissors I had in my kitchen drawer). and cut through all six layers of my folded 12×12 piece of paper.
cutting pumpkin


After cutting through all 6 layers which was super cute i was left with 6 pumpkins!



I did the same thing with ghosts.  Folded my 12×12 piece of paper up and traced one ghost and then cut!
cutting ghost


End result 6 ghosts.


The most important thing about these treat bags for me was to keep them SIMPLE AND QUICK! And I’m happy to say I did this today.  They took me about 30 minutes from start to finish to complete which included making the name tags, writing down names, filling the bags, and taking these photos on my phone.  🙂

I normally ink everything but today decided not too! (Just to save time) 5 and 6 year olds wouldn’t care if they were inked or not.  I used a stapler to staple the name tags onto the bags and included in a little green accent I found in my Gift Wrapping Bucket just to add a pop of color.  Happy with how they turned out and more happy with the time it took me to complete these.



Jen Budge



2 thoughts on “Quick Halloween Treat Bags

  1. brenda t says:

    looks great Jen – the kids will love it!

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